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~Music Meme~
 Okay so, this is a response to spilledmilk25's Musical Meme (^_^) Thank you for the idea :) 

∞ Music Meme ∞  

The Rules:
1. Reply to this post with TWIZZLEBUZZLE and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

The letter given was H.

First I thought it would be hard because I barely could remember names of songs that started with H. After I looked through my music, I saw a lot of them, but I'm supposed to put just 5 so I realized the hardest part was to choose which songs to put ^^ Heh, so here they are:

I'm going to start with NEWS (>_<) Okay, here it wasn't hard to choose at all. I loved this song a lot since I first heard it and it is actually one of the most meaningful song for them, since it was their comeback song in 2007. I like how it starts slowly and after that, it becomes so powerful ♥ And the PV is just lovely~ They all look so cute and happy, it makes my heart melt (^,^) Their Member-Ai and how much fun they're usually having when they sing, and their interesting personalities were some of the million reasons I fell in love with them. It was actually my first time seeing a group so close, so it surprised me (in a good way of course). But after watching their DVDs and listened to their songs, I was completely into them. 

(Oh, and I love Tegoshi's hair here!! But I guess it's pointless to hope he'll get a haircut soon. Well, Tegoshi looks good with any hairstyle, but he can look better than with his current perm! xD)

NEWS - Hoshi wo Mezashite

Next song is from a movie I loved soo much ♥ After listening to LANDS' song BANDAGE, I really started to like the song, but it took me some months to actually decide to see the movie. Another reason for watching it was Jin, of course (^_^) I really wanted to see how he acts and I can say I kinda like this guy. Not that much as others, but he has a different attractive aura that I like. All the actors really did a great job and the soundtrack was just awesome. You can say that the movie had something special in it because it had some scenes that were just so full of emotions, that you felt like you're flying in a different world. It's exactly the same when I listen to this song. And Jin's gentle and relaxing voice makes everything more beautiful ♥

LANDS - Hatachi no Sensou

I have to put another Japanese song ♥ This time is one from a J-ROCK band that I have just heard recently of. Its name is GUILD and I heard that they will have a concert in my city so I got excited and wanted to go since it's the first time I actually have the chance to go to a japanese concert. Because I have never heard of it before, I looked through some songs from their new album. One of the songs I like the most is this one (and Yakusoku sound really good too ^^)

GUILD - Happiness is the way

Now I'll put two songs I used to listen a lot before (since now I mostly listen to J-music). The first one is a Paramore song ♥ I first heard of them through the Twilight fever from last year and I liked the way they sang, but their new album doesn't really appeal to me. This is one of the songs I liked then a lot. I suggest you to see the PV, it's pretty cool, but it didn't let me put it since it was the official one (T_T)

Paramore - Hallelujah 

And the last song will be a slow one. I didn't find too many happy or powerful songs with H, so I tried at least with Paramore to be something different. This song is a really sad song, but soo beautiful (^_^) For the last song, I actually had to choose from Michael's "Heal the World", "Here without you", "Hallelujah" and this one, but this one reminds me of a movie I saw so because it has memories in it, I felt it was more precious (but I love the others a lot too, and especially like to listen to Hallelujah from the Shrek movie). 

Jimmy Eat World - Hear You Me